Prediction by Bosh in 1504: What the world would look like in the future

To have a good time these days, it is much easier than you would think of. Check out this beautiful painting from Hieronym more closely, and you would find out that it was his prediction by date of future. Simple answer to the question: How would the world look like in the future! 

I’m talking about the Flemish-style painting, which was later titled – since it never really had a title – “The Garden of Earthly Delights.” It had always had a fixture in my mind. It’s a deep and didactic painting to me because it shows the world if you were to de-cloth every human being. The painting is becoming much more present in my thoughts everyday because of how destructive and hard our world has become.

Garden of Earthly Delights

Blogger discovered hidden music in Garden of Earthly Delights

Musician – blogger decoded a piece of music, which was hidden in famous triptych of Hieronymus Bosh – The Garden of Earthly Delights (1593). Music was painted on the butt of one’s of the Bosh’s sinners.

The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch

Sheet music in question located in top left corner:
1480-1505. Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain.
Image by Corbis Photograph: Corbis

Musician who want to become a music producer stated:

“Once I zoomed in this picture, my interest was clear. Bosh left on the butt sheet music.  My mission is to record this music.”

a garden of earthly delights butt sinner

She continues:

“Well, I transcribed this music into modern notation.  I noticed, that the second line of the staff is C, which is a very common note for chants in this era..”

Wannabe music producer posted recorded piano version of this hidden hymnal to her blog. Someone else wrote the lyrics and arranged choral chant was born. That is what we call collaboration!

Flowers as Art

An artistic flair combined with an eternal love for nature—that’s the hallmark of A Garden of Earthly Delights, floral design studio.

Inspired by Hieronymous Bosch’s famous triptych, “Garden of Earthly Delights,” proprietor Carole Langrall strives to bring the imaginative touches, passion and vibrant colors of this famed work to every one of her creations.

The philosophy of “flowers as art” is pervasive at A Garden of Earthly Delights where designers with backgrounds in botany, graphic art and set design create diverse and unusual arrangements, each custom made to fit all tastes and styles.

Carole began her journey to the “Garden” in 1990 when she served as a bilingual sales representative for South American growers and exporters of flowers. She gained invaluable knowledge of flower care which she applies to this day. Langrall went on to apprentice at some of Washington, D.C.’s most prestigious floral studios where she received hands-on training from recognized national and international designers of flowers and interiors.

In 1996, she pursued her dream and opened A Garden of Earthly Delights studio in Baltimore, MD. Since then, her work has garnered rave reviews and has been featured in print and broadcast media (note below), ranging from trade publications like Floral Management to lifestyle publications like Baltimore Magazine, which named her “Baltimore’s Best Floral Designer” in 2006. She has a diverse client base ranging from high-end hotels to local notables and has recently begun work creating designs for the television and film industry, including The Discovery Channel.

Carole is a sought-after speaker and lecturer on green floral practices, addressing crowds a local garden clubs, industry seminars and at such venues as The Walters Art Museum’s “Art Blooms” festival.

A flower garden

At “A Garden of Earthly Delights,” we pride ourselves in using locally grown flowers from area wholesalers and farmers. If we need to import, we only buy certified organic florals of the highest grade and quality that adhere to international, social, and environmental standards from planting to postharvest.

From May – November, the majority of our greens and foliages (including some seasonal blossoms) come directly from our own garden.

We are green designers—we recycle daily and have very little flower waste. Our commitment to excellence in floral design reflects our love for all things growing and our desire to make your event truly, an earthly delight!

The following is a partial list of rare and endangered native flowers and plants of Maryland that are most in need of our conservation efforts. It includes species occurring in our state that are listed or are candidates for the Federal list of Endangered Species, and additional species that are considered rare by the Maryland Wildlife and Heritage Service. As a nature lover, I urge you to support the efforts made by this department.

If you happen to run across any of these flowers in your travels, please respect them and leave them in their natural habitat, removing them or relocating them can have a severe impact on the ecosystem of the plant and habitat itself.

Earthly Delights

“Thank you for envisioning creating and contributing your work to the American Visionary Art Museum. Your piece inspired one of our visitors who made it part of his personal collection.
American Visionary Art Museum

“Words are not sufficient to describe the wonderful floral design that you achieved for my wedding. Your work absolutely exceeded my expectations. Truly, you created A Garden of Earthly Delights.”
Patti King (Bride)

Every year City Paper presents two major events in the Baltimore market. The events – “Cosmic Cocktail Party” in March and our annual “Best of Baltimore” party in September – combined – host over 3,000 guests. Both events are Baltimore social institutions and each year it is a challenge to make the events better than the previous year. When it comes to our floral and design needs we never have to think twice about using A Garden of Earthly Delights. Every year I make a quick call to Carole – tell her my needs (and I can’t say I do that very well) and every year Carole comes-throughout with the most amazing designs – and always – always – creative! Whenever I personally am looking for design service or when its for City Paper events – I never have to think twice about who I’m going to call. Carole and her team have never let me down.
Don Farley,
Group Publisher
Times-Shamrock Alternative Newsweekly Group

“Your floral work was magnificent and caused the public to stop and take notice of your artistry. We appreciate your creative talent as shown by your design and final product.”
Maurice R. Feldman, President,
Baltimore Symphony Associates

“The beautiful flowers you arranged for our wedding were perfect! I wouldn’t have changed a thing. The bouquets were amazing and I loved my centerpieces. Thank you for your amazing talent, it really made our wedding special.”
Emily and Ken Barron (Bride & Groom)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Every wedding vendor sang your praise and said I would love your creations, but how very lucky for me that I got to work with such a fun and warm person who could create such dramatic art. Achievement, you completely WOWed the crowd! It was just stunning.

I have a remarkably discriminating and artistic family with architects, interior designers, and caterers. And, I had many interesting guests who have impressive entertaining habits themselves. But, never could I imagine the response to this wedding and reception and the accolades for all elements of the event but most certainly the atmosphere you created, the achievement of two amazing and uniquely different spaces through your floral creations.

I don’t remember a time that I have ever had my expectations not only met, but exceeded. What a delight to have worked with you. We thank you for all of your gorgeous, beautiful expertise.
Jane and Scott Kelly and Erica and Scott Turkus.

We just adore Carole at A Garden of Earthly Delights. We happen to be a bride & groom couple that wanted our hands involved in every aspect of our wedding… we wanted to keep control over our vision. But when it came to Carole, we gave her a few guidelines and then gave her creative freedom. She is absolutely amazing. We were totally breath taken at the uniquely designed floral arrangements, bouquets, aisle, flower-girl basket, centerpieces, you name it. Carole gave us fabulous suggestions to help save some money… her expertise in the industry is unmatched. If you want the most unusually beautiful floral designs at your next event, call Carole. She will not disappoint!
Nila Mechali and Craig Boarman